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Virtual Environments

Virtualization has a wide range of benefits and comes with many different options to fit varying budgets. Whether it’s vSphere, Hyper-V, ProxMox or OpenShift, we can build it for you.

  • Utilize redundant servers and storage, decreasing reliance on single points of failure
  • Right fit to the situation
  • Makes backup and disaster recovery a more reliable process
  • Allows snapshot management for protection when performing updates or changes


Network Design

Building high capacity, reliable networks in critical environments is our thing. We excel at understanding bandwidth, RF and protocols. Accommodating your budget, we can implement the very best network, wired and wireless, for your company.

  • Redundant paths via internal SVC or external BGP
  • WiFi assessments and design with necessary overlap and optimization
  • Single pane of glass management systems
  • Wide range of vendors including Cisco, Aruba, Ubiquiti, Fortinet

organization management

Microsoft Active Directory

Active Directory is the industry standard for managing users, devices and resource access rights. In the new cloud era, Active Directory is moving to a hybrid model spanning on-premise and Azure based domain services.

  • Integrate local AD with Microsoft 365 through Azure AD
  • Enroll devices in local AD remotely via Autopilot
  • Setup replication of services across multiple locations for highest reliability
  • Upgrade old domains ADDS scheme to newest Windows Server 2019


OpenShift and Kubernetes

Containerization is the next iteration of virtualization technologies. It provides a hybrid cloud platform virtualizing at the application level instead of server level.

  • Ease of management anywhere, be it on-site, cloud or both
  • Rapid deployment of applications
  • Secure management utilizing Kubernetes
  • Highly flexible for seamless scaling, redundancy and migrations

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