Security Services

Physical and cyber security are no longer separate


Video Surveillance

Legacy camera systems are poor quality and difficult to review. Modern camera systems are HD, easy to review and connected via ethernet. We work with numerous systems that provide options depending on your budget and needs

  • HD and 4K options with on-site or off-site storage
  • Manage, monitor and review recordings from anywhere in the world
  • Intelligent analytics provide alerts and panning views based on your set parameters
  • We utilize Ubiquiti or Milestone in smaller environments, Axis in larger environments or when advanced intelligence is required

access control

Entryway Security

Restricting access to a physical space is a critical part of security. RFID readers have replaced standard keys as the preferred method of access.

  • Easy management of users and active badges
  • On-premise and cloud based options
  • Integrations with surveillance system options available
  • Wide range of vendors including Ubiquiti, 2N and Hitachi

Active shooter systems

Gunshot Detection and Response

Active shooter situations are one of the biggest concerns of our times. New technologies have greatly improved the visibility and response time for these scenarios. By installing detectors for shots fired and gateways to deputize cameras, local law enforcement can respond faster and better than ever before.

  • Wall or ceiling mounted gunshot detection systems to recognize acoustic bang and muzzle flash
  • Integrations into video surveillance, access control, mobile apps and event management systems
  • On-site gateway allows local law enforcement to deputize surveillance cameras and provide immediate response and visibility for the situation
  • Vendors include Guardian and Hitachi


Network Monitoring

The network is the glue that holds all technology together and proper monitoring is an absolute requirement for maintaining high function, security and rapid response time. A combination of on-site and off-site systems provide the highest level of visibility.

  • Monitor online and offline status of critical systems
  • Identify unusual behavior at the routing or switch port levels that signify malicious activity
  • Recognize performance issues with internet and internal networks before they become a problem
  • Improve reliability and confidence in the new Internet of Things (IoT) world

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